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About me:

My hair is super thick, has a natural wave and is currently fairly short. Basically this but a boring color.

Favorite Shampoo: LUSH's solid shampoo bar Karma Komba. The only reason I stopped using it was when my hair was past my shoulders, it just became more of a hassle and was constantly getting tangled in my hair while I tried to wash it. Karma Komba is super green smelling with patchouli being the most prominent note followed by some high citrus. Basically, I would use any excuse to sniff my shampoo because it made me happy.

Favorite Conditioner: LUSH's liquid conditioner American Cream. a gorgeous smell that stays with you until you wash your hair again, no joke. My hair is always left feeling super soft and light after using this.

My face is terrible, super oily and reactive to EVERYTHING. Acne is a constant battle for me.

My facial regime Consist of a non-brand foaming face wash and warm water and a coating of neosporin, because I'm a scratcher and neosporin helps heal things up before they become too terrible. So, basically my skin and I don't agree much.

Favorite Make up make up is mostly avoided at nearly any cost. between having horrible skin that breaks out at the thought of a make up brush, I live in a terribly humid climate and I haven't found anything that can hold up to that. On the rare occasion that I do feel pressured to wear make up, it's usually of the Benefit line.

My Hands are shamelessly soft for some inexplicable reason. Seriously. People constantly comment on how soft my hands are and I DON'T KNOW WHY THEY ARE

My Nails are fairly decent and I'm capable of growing them to a manicure worthy length so no fakes for me!

Favorite Nail Polish I've only just started to venture out beyond the super market/drug store offerings but I've pretty much fallen in love with ORLY, my current favorite color is Gumdrop, pictured here. And I finally got my hands on a matte top coat (also by ORLY) and could WEEP WITH JOY. I also have China Glaze Pink-ie Promise, a pretty pink pictured here and last week I did a cute little mani with these two, where Gumdrop was my base coat and then I did a heart on each nail in the pink, with an accent nail of the reverse (Pink base and gumdrop heart) and it was SUPER PRECIOUS on the nails that it worked well on. On the other ones it... well. looked like I tried to do a manicure on my dominant hand =|


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