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2017-03-19 03:38 am

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2016-01-29 12:23 am
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Salutations dreamwidth!

dear sweet baby jesus. I forgot I had this account.

I need something more substantial than tumblr. I miss LJ, I hope this place can be my new home.

If you stumble across this hello and I'm probably sorry.
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2013-07-01 02:57 am
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My Beauty Basics

(this will make sense, in time)

About me:

My hair is super thick, has a natural wave and is currently fairly short. Basically this but a boring color.

Favorite Shampoo: LUSH's solid shampoo bar Karma Komba. The only reason I stopped using it was when my hair was past my shoulders, it just became more of a hassle and was constantly getting tangled in my hair while I tried to wash it. Karma Komba is super green smelling with patchouli being the most prominent note followed by some high citrus. Basically, I would use any excuse to sniff my shampoo because it made me happy.

Favorite Conditioner: LUSH's liquid conditioner American Cream. a gorgeous smell that stays with you until you wash your hair again, no joke. My hair is always left feeling super soft and light after using this.

My face is terrible, super oily and reactive to EVERYTHING. Acne is a constant battle for me.

My facial regime Consist of a non-brand foaming face wash and warm water and a coating of neosporin, because I'm a scratcher and neosporin helps heal things up before they become too terrible. So, basically my skin and I don't agree much.

Favorite Make up make up is mostly avoided at nearly any cost. between having horrible skin that breaks out at the thought of a make up brush, I live in a terribly humid climate and I haven't found anything that can hold up to that. On the rare occasion that I do feel pressured to wear make up, it's usually of the Benefit line.

My Hands are shamelessly soft for some inexplicable reason. Seriously. People constantly comment on how soft my hands are and I DON'T KNOW WHY THEY ARE

My Nails are fairly decent and I'm capable of growing them to a manicure worthy length so no fakes for me!

Favorite Nail Polish I've only just started to venture out beyond the super market/drug store offerings but I've pretty much fallen in love with ORLY, my current favorite color is Gumdrop, pictured here. And I finally got my hands on a matte top coat (also by ORLY) and could WEEP WITH JOY. I also have China Glaze Pink-ie Promise, a pretty pink pictured here and last week I did a cute little mani with these two, where Gumdrop was my base coat and then I did a heart on each nail in the pink, with an accent nail of the reverse (Pink base and gumdrop heart) and it was SUPER PRECIOUS on the nails that it worked well on. On the other ones it... well. looked like I tried to do a manicure on my dominant hand =|
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2012-11-01 01:00 am

Happy All Hollows Read!

A few nights ago, Keri texted me with the brilliant idea that we should do an All Hollows Read story exchange. I readily agreed and then proceeded to procrastinate until Oct 31 to actually write the damn thing. Mainly because I was displaying the incredible inability to decide what to write (one day or another there shall also be a story about Zombie!Sora, I kid you not.) So I present to you: At the Door

slightly belated because it's still Holloween somewhere, damn it.

There comes the sound of laughter, tinny and young and Adeline looks up, surprised. )
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2012-09-18 12:51 am

All Through the Circling Years (Or, DEAR SUGAR COATED JESUS IT'S FINISHED)


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All Through the Circling Years Masterpost

Banner and the rest of the art is made by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] hiza_chan (or her other name [livejournal.com profile] phantasmik GO, GO GIVE HER LOVE NOW

or you know... after you read the fic. that works too. either way ♥
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2012-09-10 01:06 am

Proof that Keri and I should have our IM priveliges revoked

Ya'll. this was too redonk not to share

in which social media sites became humanized )

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2012-03-06 04:59 pm
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Writer's Block: Say What?

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While working the front desk on a busy Friday night, a slightly inebriated man kept insisting that he knew me from somewhere.

"Well," I replied, "I used to work at McDonald's, perhaps you saw me in the drive-thru?"

No go.

Finally, after a few minutes the man snaps his fingers and goes "I know what it is! You ever work in a porn-o? You're a dead ringer for the girl in that under-aged skin flick I just saw!"

(for the record, the answer was "no.")
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2011-11-21 02:23 am

Holiday Cards

I will probably be doing something a little different this year, if it pans out. Either way, get something in my illegible writing sent to you! Please give me your addresses in this post, please don't assume I already have them, it's best to re-affirm. Comments will be screened for privacy's sake. ♥
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2011-05-30 02:29 pm
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Writer's Block: Take me back

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Far Away, by Nickelback. That was our song when we got back together and every time I hear it now, I want to vomit a little =/
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2011-04-14 01:54 pm
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Dream Chronicles 5

I can figure out bits of this madness. Like Sephiroth (Syvia, I blame you) and Angelica and the ring (watching Black Butler before bed) and maybe the spoons(Ceci) but some of it....idek.

cut for what-the-fuckery )
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2011-02-03 05:12 pm
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This is what happens when it gets cold in the South

So hey guys! Here in Louisiana, aka the boot, we're getting "wintery mix" which basically means a lot of slush and wet and cold. This state is not equipped to handle these kind of shenanigans. Work refuses to shut down, I'm local so of course I made it but a lot of my co-workers live up to an hour away from here. They called in.

It hasn't been too bad yet, despite working on a skeleton crew and having NO WHERE TO EAT DINNER BECAUSE THEY CLOSED THE ASSOCIATE DINING ROOM, I HATE YOU GUYS TOO. The internet is working, which is a plus so I'll probably be skulking about lj most of the evening. Please talk to me?
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2011-01-22 01:20 am

so, she's a little bit random and a little bit dramatic

Things that do not a happy Ana make:

1. forgetting her bridesmaid dress at work, which means ANOTHER day of having it pawed at by everyone and comments of "it's THAT short?" which it's not short at all. I AM SHORT SO A DRESS THAT LENGTH HITS MY KNEES, BOOBS OR NO BOOBS, OKAY?

2. being forced to go to the doctor for blood work I HAAAAATE BLOOD WORK DDD: and they put me through this when I was 13 and now I have to go through it AGAIN and it's one of those dreadful "drink this bullshit and sit in our fucking office for the next eight hours while we stab you once an hour and take your life force." and all this because I got really shaky/weak for absolutely no reason but after ingesting some sugar I felt better :sobs:

so. in an effort to forget, mainly, the fail of number 2 have more redonk Recoded play through.

reasons why Ana should buy a strategy guide with every game )
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2011-01-20 12:48 am

(no subject)

Originally posted yesterday, something went terribly awry with my wording though. Reposted today because I'm still pissy and this is still more amusing than hearing me wank.


ReCoded and why Ana should never play without a strategy guide )
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2011-01-13 11:41 pm
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Dear Madam, the 80s called, they want their crappy style back

I'm going to open this post with a bit of a preamble, so bear with me.

I judge people based on footwear. I can't help it, but I think your choice in shoes (or lack of) says a lot about you. Take, for instance, one trip to the zoo in which I saw a woman wearing five inch stilletos. We're not talking a small zoo, this was like, the Baton Rouge zoo which is a fairly good sized place. What her footwear said to me was: I care more about looking pretty than having feeling in my toes.

Now then, on to the actual matter at hand. Imagine my significant confusion when I witnessed a pair of shoes today that couldn't decide between being slippers, sneakers, or boots.

"Now wait a minute" You might be saying, "I can see a pair of shoes confused for two things, but three?"

yes, dear reader. Slippers, sneakers, or boots. They came just above the lady in question's ankles, flaired a bit at the opening but were made out of a distinctly slipper like material in the ever fashionable grey and the actual foot of the beast looked like a sneaker. Studded with a menagerie of shiny silver baubles, of course.

This particular fashion choice was noticed near the Coushatta gift-shop, in which all I wanted to do was bug the gift shop workers for a few minutes but alas, this was not to be. I was quiered by a worker whether or not the rooms had wi-fi and was then given a finger point to the guest who was posing the question.

It was scary shoe lady, and I realized the shoes were the least of her offenses to the fashion industry.

Her hair was poofed so far away from her actual head I worried about her walking near anyone holding a cigarette. (actually, I lie. My initial thought was "holy hell, where's a lighter when you need it/oh my god, THAT'S where the hole in the ozone layer came from. I am truly a terrible person) but I was immediately distracted from the travesty of a hair style by her eyes.

Not that I actually noticed what color they were or anything. No, I was distracted by the hot pink glitter eyeshadow. And folks, I use the term glitter lightly. Edward Cullen glitters, this woman looked like she took a bedazzle machine to her eyelids.

And what? she was asking me a question? I'm supposed to think when I'm staring at something that could probably blind small children if it so chose to walk out in the daylight hours?

I won't lie, this was not one of my finer moments. My brain tends to shut down a little when presented with shiny things. You know how that little green light on a computer blinks rapidly when it's processing things? Yea. I blink rapidly when trying to process things like WHY IS THIS CREATURE SPEAKING TO ME?

Eventually I managed to stutter out a somewhat lackluster answer ("how do I log onto the wi-fi?" she asked. "M-make sure your computer's turned on?" I replied) before scurrying back to my den of darkness and sharing my discovery with my cohorts.
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2011-01-01 01:29 am
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A huge and slightly unyielding Things Written in 2010 Meme

cut so you don't have to stare at this )

There's also innumerable amount of meme fics that haven't made it to an actual post yet =/
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2010-12-22 02:00 am
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Secret santa fics

Hey f-list, I know sometimes everyone needs a reminder because time, especially holiday season time, can get away from you.

So, if you signed up for any secret santa fic exchanges, no matter what community, I hope you're well on your way to finishing it :) the deadlines are coming up all over the place this week and I know you're all fantastic writers. hop to ♥

And if any of you need to vent/express frustrations/bounce last minute ideas off someone, I'm almost always online *hearts;
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2010-12-19 02:15 pm
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So, hey guys! I totally get that it's winter break and a lot of you are moving from dorm rooms back home/visiting family/running around trying to get shopping finished oh wait, that's me

But! This is my plea to whip something up quick like for [livejournal.com profile] kh_drabble for the challenge this week! I'm available pretty much 24/7 to bounce ideas off of/proof read (I don't do a particularly great job at proofing, but I'm okay-ish at it?).

So, seriously? We just need at least one more entry? And you'll have my eternal thanks and gratitude and comments! out the wahzoo!

:big puppy dog eyes: pweeze?
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2010-12-07 01:07 am
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Tangled, a fangirl's squee (POTENTIAL SPOILERS, PLEASE BE WARNED)

So, I've seen Tangled twice since it came out. Let me start this post by saying that when I first started seeing the trailers this was my reaction; :<<< because all we saw of Rapunzel was her swinging around the tree and I passed her off as being unbearably ditzy.

As more and more trailers released, however, I started to reconsider my initial opinion. Am I ever glad I did!

rabid fangirl flailing under the cut )

The first time I went and saw it was with a bunch of friends, two of whom I abused thoroughly throughout the movie with my happy fangirl flailing.

The second time I went to watch it was with my family. Mom cried at the big climax, Buddy is STILL running around declaring me Rapunzel :sigh: and Dad's only reaction was "it was weird." Which, really, is a pretty good reaction for him. All in all, I cannot WAIT for this to come out on DVD/Blu Ray

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2010-11-23 09:03 pm
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2010-11-10 11:43 pm
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Our wireless router is bjorked.

What does this mean?

It means, once again, no AIM for me, no PANDORA radio, no accessing any of my friggen reference sites for my NaNo project and for the most part, no LJ because I HATE my family's desktop and this is the NOISEST DAMN KEYBOARD IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!

Going to, hopefully, buy a new one this weekend and if that doesn't fix the problem I will throw technology like items against the wall.