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I can figure out bits of this madness. Like Sephiroth (Syvia, I blame you) and Angelica and the ring (watching Black Butler before bed) and maybe the spoons(Ceci) but some of it....idek.

It started out as such.

Ceci, Ahna, and I were on an epic quest to locate a fabled perfume master. We had a handful of essential oils that we wanted blended and this man was supposed to be legendary and made of win.

We took buses. Lots of them. And finally ended up in some far-flung country road in which we embarked on a long ass walk.

There were chickens. (I hate chickens) and the master's wife was a scary bitch who we tried to be on our best behavior around. We had to sweet-talk the master into mixing our scents for us and when he finally agreed (it would take two hours. idek.) his wife invited us into the backyard for tea and snacks.

with the chickens. :shudder:

We really had nothing to go on that said the lady was a bad person, but she just let out that vibe and had the creepy anime bad person smile.

Just as we were starting to think we had pegged her all wrong, Sephiroth showed up to challenge the master to a duel.

The master accepted the challenge and came out of his batcave basement laboratory wielding a sledgehammer.

That's what he was going to fight Sephiroth with. A sledgehammer. It was actually kind of awesome.

Then Sephiroth cast a spell, misfired, hit us and it sent us hurdling into the past.

We wound up in some frozen wasteland with the rugrats. From the tv show. idek anymore.

Angelica was all kinds of pissy because her parents wouldn't let her have this ring (blue diamond) yet. It was meant to be a birthday present for her when she was older, like 16 ish. But she wanted it now so she stole it and went running across the street to hide it.

Only, the street wasn't an actual street, it was just a frozen stream people were walking down. So of course, while Angelica was standing on it, it broke.

but it was okay, because Remus Lupin saved her and refroze the stream! And when she was crying and explained what she was doing, he helped her hide it.

Then we ended up at the Burrow, with the Weasleys. We decided we wanted to protect the boy-who-lived from all the drama we knew he'd endure at Hogwarts and we tried to convince him he didn't really want to go to magic school. (This was before his first year, so I'm not sure why he was at the Burrow?) only, we somehow screwed up in a royal way and turned Ron into a Dark Arts Master.... because he almost got ran over by a car and decided right then and there that all muggles should be ded.

at this point my alarm-clock went off, I hit snooze, rolled over, and went back to sleep.

Now. Ceci, Kelli, and I were at a Home Depot or something looking for spoons. We loaded up on a crap ton of plastic spoons. (teaspoons, of course. because they're the only kind of spoons worth having) and before we left I saw a "get started gardening" kit. with daisies! Oh, that was exciting. And, there was a special offer on it to get utensils for free! However many you want! (spoons, for free? yaaay!)

The cashier was a whiny teenager who felt the need to tell us how miserable her job was because her mom was her manager, blah blah blah. I felt maybe this was the real cost for free spoons.

Then, as we were walking out to the car, we saw Syvia. And we told her to go get the gardening kit and free spoons.

Then I woke up. and have been in a state of mild confusion since.

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