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The Shadow of the Father- Crack!pairing of Riku/Selphie and if they had a daughter, what she might be like.

All that Matters (is Tomorrow, Today) Leon/Yuffie, on coming home to the destroyed remains of Hollow Bastion

Close Encounter with the Fan-girl Kind Kairi has an interesting run in with the Riku fanclub.

The Ease of Childhood Riku, Sora, and Kairi!bitties and the power of imagination

Tainted Window implied Kairi/Saix, nightmares beneath a full moon

A series of Silly Drabbles three seperate drabbles, filling three different requests, all full of shenanigans.

The Delicate Words "I love you" Axel/Kairi, AU setting and a little anniversary gift

All We Know is Distance Olette and people who aren't really there

I'll Build Your Empires Axel/Xion, a rainy mission and the persistent scratch of memories that may or may not be true

Beneath the Street Lamp a young boy wakes up in an unfamiliar place, unable to remember anything (NPC)

The Mystery of Destiny Islands Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka discover a truly horrifying truth

All Through the Circling Years Leon/Yuffie, a momentary reprieve and an important question from a young heart

Desire Yuffie and what she wants most in life

And Stars Could be Brighter Xion and a lucky charm and memories that are and are not hers to keep

Making Wishes Selphie, a handful of paper stars, and a wish to see her friends again

Heart in Hand Riku, Kairi, and Sora and a scar that all means something different to each of them.

Broken Baby Bird Leon/Yuffie. Take a chance, hold your breath, and jump

Tell Me How It Ends Aerith and the life that came before

Painting the Riku White Riku, Kairi, and Sora and a hair brained scheme

Murphy's Law Cid Highwind and why he hates being the go-to guy

And Look How Things Could Have Been Riku, Sora, and Kairi. AU, a possibility of how things could have been, if the keyblade had appeared earlier in their lives

In the Heart Sora and his most precious memories

Four Letter Word Yuffie and the idea of what home really is

Vigil Sora. The things that keep him awake at night

Original Fiction (or the likes there of)

Heartcore Autumn and her brother and best friend and the occasional ghostly being that follows her about

A Reading from the Book of Matthew Matt and his truths he's kept tucked away in his journal

As the Stars Fall Autumn and Matt and tending to the mess people make when they're hurting

But We Weren't Angels Autumn and Matt. And how it all began (trigger warning for self harm)

The Answer Lies in the Question Autumn, a stupid back to school essay and a dream that gives her a little personal insight

Through the Trees Autumn. Pursued by the one person Balin has warned her against, this is a terrible game of hide-and-seek gone awry

With Ribbon for Penny Huā, performing her tasks as a Guardian

Misc. Fiction

And Violets Blue one little girl, Daisy and a song to keep her safe at night. But she forgets what the words mean.

Down by the River a young princess, Elidi and what is supposed to be her day off

The Truth He doesn't listen, he never has, and she's tired of playing these games.

There's also innumerable amount of meme fics that haven't made it to an actual post yet =/
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